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SEO Image Rotator

This is the page dedicated to the SEO Image Rotator WordPress plugin we have developed.

SEO Image Rotator Features

The SEO Image Rotator plugin is based off the WP-Cycle +Captions plugin with added features.

These features include:

  • The ability to create multiple instances of wp-cycle within a single installation of WordPress.
    Passing in an unique ID identifier value in the shortcode like [seo_image_rotator id="xx"]  where the ‘xx’ is equal to the ID of the rotator you want to include on a given post or page.
  • Ability to add a title to each image for SEO benefit adding the title=”example” attribute to the image tag.
  • Ability to disable to the caption of the an individual rotator instance.

The Plugin is still being verified, but here is a link to the download.

Download SEO Image Rotator

Download SEO Image Rotator for WordPress (v1.0 – latest)

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